Make Money From Your Home By Decluttering!

Is your home filled with an overwhelming amount of stuff? Do you need extra cash for a vacation or to help you buy a new property? If the answer is yes then decluttering could be the answer to all of your prayers. Decluttering is a technique that many homeowners use to bring order to their homes. It involves reducing the amount of possession you have by getting rid of things you no longer need or use. This makes it easier to keep a clean and tidy house that is more comfortable to spend time in. But decluttering your home can also give your income a much-needed boost. Your home is probably filled with good quality and lightly used items that people will be willing to pay for. So rather than throwing these items away or donating them, take advantage of their selling potential instead. If making money by decluttering your home sounds appealing, follow these simple steps to get started.


Decide why you want to declutter

Before you start sorting through cupboards and shelves, you need to work out why you want to declutter in the first place. To be done successfully, decluttering requires motivation and dedication. If you don’t have either of these things, it will be very easy to give up early on. This is not an easy task, and many people feel overwhelmed by just how much they have to do. But having a reason behind it can give them the motivation they need to continue and get the job done. Maybe you want to save up money to buy a new car or to pay for a trip of a lifetime. The money you make from decluttering could be useful in paying off your mortgage or credit card debts. Think carefully about what financial goals you have and use this as motivation to start decluttering your home. It will be much easier for you to work hard when you are aiming towards something rather than doing it because you think you need to.

Assess each room in your home

Next, you need to start assessing all of the items in each room of your home. It’s often easier to do this one room at a time as this simplifies the decluttering task. Use large storage boxes and start going through every drawer, shelf and cabinet within the room. Remove every item from these areas to establish what you have. Carefully consider the last time you used each item and whether you are likely to again. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item within six months, you are unlikely to again. The only exception to this rule is items that hold sentimental value. Replace the items you want to keep back into the drawer or cabinet they were in and put the items you want to sell into the boxes. Put similar items in the same boxes to help simplify the selling process later on. You may be able to see lots of similar items and make more money rather than selling something individually.

Once you’ve filled a few boxes, go through the items contained inside them to assess their quality and condition. You may find that some are unlikely to make you a great deal of money, in which case these items should be donated or discarded instead.

Consider your selling options

Now you have a collection of items; you need to consider the best ways to sell them. There are numerous website where you can sell a whole host of items. Some sites will buy books, DVD’s and electronics directly from you. If this sounds suitable for you, see from Buyback Express and other online buy and sell websites for more information. Auction sites such as eBay are ideal for selling larger items like cars and furniture. But you can also use them for smaller items like clothing and rings too. Visit their website or use the eBay app to learn how to get started.

You may find that you have to use a few sites to sell all of the things you have accumulated. This because some sites specialize in buying certain products whereas others don’t. So visit as many sites as you can to see which is the best option for you. While visiting these sites, it can also be worthwhile to see how much people are charging for items similar to the ones you wish to see. This can give you a clear idea of price points as well as seeing how to present your belongings in the best way possible.

Even though the internet is a valuable tool for selling your belongings, it’s not your only selling option. You could host a garage sale from your home instead. This can be risky as there might be bad weather or there might not be a lot of interest in what you have to offer. You might find that some buyers haggle for lower prices on items too, which can be unnerving if you aren’t prepared for it. But garage sales that are promoted well can attract honest buyers who are willing to pay for quality products. So if you decide to use this selling option, invite all of your neighbors and promote it on social media. Give a brief idea of what items you are selling to pique their interests too.

Sell Clutters Online

Start Selling

Once you’ve made a decision, all that is left to do is sell your belongings. Upload photographs, give clear descriptions and set realistic prices to get the quickest and best results possible. Why not also keep track of the items you sell by starting a ledger. This will help make the process as straightforward as possible while also giving you further motivation to proceed.

There’s no denying that decluttering can be hard work and time-consuming. Particularly if you want to sort out every room in your home. But the money you can make from selling the items you find can make your efforts worthwhile. An added bonus is that your home will also benefit greatly from a declutter. So follow these steps and start going through your belongings to see what can uncover and sell.

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