Sure Signs You Should Be Working for Yourself

Although most of us still work for a boss, the numbers of people choosing to go their own way and work for themselves are increasing all the time. There have never been more opportunities to start up an online store, become a freelance writer or start a new life as a life coach if you’re willing to take the plunge, but is working for yourself really for you?

Work for Yourself

If you like the idea of working for yourself, but you’re not sure whether it would be a good move, check out these sure signs you should be working for yourself:

You Have a Lot More to Give

If your 9-5 job doesn’t really stretch you and you often find yourself feeling bored with your work, knowing that you could be doing so much more with your talents than your job description allows, it’s a clear sign you need to work for yourself.

The corporate life is great for some people, and it can certainly be very lucrative, but if you have certain talents, such as a spiritual way of thinking, a flair for writing or the ability to think in novel ways, it may not be for you, and you will probably get more fulfilment out of doing your own thing.

You Hate Routine

If you hate the same old routine that makes up so much of corporate culture, and doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again isn’t for you, it might be time to sign up as a freelancer on or take out a small business loan from and start your own corporation. When you’re your own boss, you can set your own schedule, delegate the tasks you hate, and generally create the kind of life you actually want to live.

You Aren’t a Fan of Face Time

Work for Yourself

If you hate being stuck in pointless meetings just because you’re expected to show face, even though you know time spent alone could be more productive for you and the company, or you are easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of office life, the world of employment probably isn’t for you. As a self-employed person, you can cut out most of the distractions and concentrate on building something big for yourself.

You’re Self-Motivated

Self-motivated people who don’t need to be told what to do and when to do it like a robot, are the people most likely to succeed in working for themselves. They are the kind of people we all need to take risks, start companies and build better futures for us all. If you are one of those people, it’s likely that you’re wasting your time in employment when you could be building your own business.

You Love Solving Problems

Work for Yourself

If instead of avoiding problems and trying to pass them on whenever you can, you run headlong towards them, there is an excellent chance that, should you go it alone, your new venture will be a huge success. Problem-solving really is the cornerstone of a successful business. So, if you have a knack for it, you could go far.

If several of these signs apply to you, it’s fair to say working for yourself is what you should do!

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