Getting Your Startup Started When You Have No Cash

Lots of people have a dream that sees them leaving their mundane nine-to-five work and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Sadly, the dream doesn’t always become a reality. There are simply too many obstacles. Money is one of the biggest! You need to have the cash to put into your startup and then cash to live on while your business builds momentum. Sounds expensive? Don’t let cash worries prevent you from starting up your own company.

It is still possible to create a business that you can run in your spare time. It might take a little longer to reach that dream of ditching your job, but don’t let that put you off trying. Yes, it takes hard work, innovation, and frugality. Still, when your dream finally comes true, and you’re reaping the rewards of toughing out the first few years, you’ll know it was worth it.

Work From Anywhere

Work-From-Home Businesses

With no money, you can’t afford to rent office space or warehouses. You can’t buy a retail outlet and purchase stock. This does mean that your choices are limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t aim high. Starting your business from the comfort of your dining room actually has a lot more benefits than you might think. It means you can get going, start to build the company, and wait for profits to mount up.

Any home business will require an internet connection, a good quality and secure laptop, and some peace and quiet for you to get on with the job. After all, you don’t have many hours free to work for your company if you’re still employed. It really is better for your mental and emotional health if you can separate working from home life as much as possible. If you don’t have a dedicated room for a home office, consider how you can convert a space to work for you.

The types of business that can be started from home are numerous. You might look online for choices. Affiliate advertising is big business and can help you generate plenty of revenue to make a move into your own business premises. If you choose to do this from a blog site, remember that it takes time to build the traffic to your site to make affiliate advertising work for you.

You can create eBooks and educational courses online with little more than a laptop. Of course, you need specialist knowledge or the research skills to generate high-quality and useful information for your readers. It’s also important to remember that every hour you spend developing these products is an hour you’re working for free until you make some sales. Unfortunately, this scenario is true for most business startups.

It’s possible to sell products online without ever having to handle the stock. Drop shipping businesses to fulfill orders referred to them by your company website. They handle the stock, and even the manufacturing in some cases. They package up the order and post it to your customer. This is an easy-to-start business that requires zero outlay and very little input from you. If you can attract the customers, you can take a share of the sales profits.

A Cash Injection?

Of course, there will come a time when your company needs a cash injection. You might have ongoing website costs like hosting to consider. Perhaps you need to hot desk so you can get out of the house occasionally? Or maybe you just need some time away from your job so you can really get your company started? Other costs include replacement laptops, the purchase of software or apps, and the extra heating and lighting while you work from home.

It’s time to consider if you can afford to run a business right now. A full audit of your personal finances isn’t essential, but it’s worth knowing where you stand should you be in a hurry to let go of your job. If you have outstanding debts or loans, it’s important to make sure they are cleared. You can learn from how to do this, but it’s worth knowing how much cash you actually have left over each month after covering each of your financial obligations.

If you can consolidate your loans, you might find you have more cash left over. You might also be able to cut back on the non-essentials like subscription TV, phone contracts, and travel costs. The more frugal you can be, the better for your business. If you do this well, you might be able to ask your boss to cut your hours so you can focus more on your business. There will come a time as things take off, that this will be necessary.

Get Going

Now you’ve assessed your financial position and decided on the type of business that suits you best right now, it’s time to get started. Working two jobs is really hard work. You’ll be making sacrifices at home and struggling to fully concentrate on your paid employment. It’s essential that you find a healthy balance, so you don’t burn out. Eat a healthy diet, get some exercise, and always leave enough time for sleep.

Let your friends and family know what you’re doing. Chances are they’ll talk about it on the social media pages, spreading the word, and extending the reach of your business. These are also the people that can help you out the most as things become busier. And they’ll be there for you if times get tough, and you’re struggling to turn a profit. Get encouragement, support, and a shoulder to cry on!

It is possible to start a business with virtually no cash in the bank. You might have big dreams and aspirations, but sometimes you have to start small. That doesn’t mean you won’t make it big! Don’t forget – avoid spending more than you’re earning, especially in business. And don’t give up the day job until the money starts coming in!

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