Services that Can Make Your Business Run a Lot Smoother

Running a business can be challenging at the best of times, but there are a few services and online software out there that can make it a lot easier. Using software might mean spending a little bit of money, but this ultimately saves you time and energy, that can be spent elsewhere. These kinds of services help you to run your business more effectively and can do a lot of the legwork for you. Here are some services, that vary vastly in what they can offer you, and can help in many aspects of your business.

Business Services


Communication is key in any business, and anything that simplifies this is an automatic winner. This is especially applicable to businesses that are growing to include more employees. If the nature of your work means projects are constantly changing and developing, and people need to be kept up to speed, this could be great for you as well. Slack enables employees to talk about work, archive conversations that can be searched for, and means information can be exchanged even if people aren’t present. Using social media, on the other hand, is often inefficient, and scrolling back through conversations time-consuming. If your work uses charts of graphs, other apps and visual aids can be connected to slack, so all kinds of information can be shared in this way. A very effective way for your company to communicate.


This service generates a “paystub”, which is the information you keep after cashing payroll cheques. It enables you to keep track, keep up to date, and have an archive of what you have received. This information includes how much your salary is, how much tax you have paid, any overtime you may have done, and keeps track of other information too. can also be used to as proof of income in obtaining credit cards and loans, or even used as a reference for your next job. This is an efficient way to keep track of your finances, have all this information in one place, and keep a record for future reference.


One of the essentials of running your own business is doing the accounts. Wave offers a simplified way to do your taxes and track how your business is doing throughout the year, for people who need a service that simplifies your accounts. It automatically generates reports, like balance sheets, sales tax reports and other information too. It also enables you control of adding people to your accounts, allowing assistants or your accountant to collaborate, view and add information about your accounts. When it comes round to paying your taxes, this services simplifies this process, meaning a lot less stress and a lot more clarity.

Running a business can be difficult at the best of times, and these kinds of services can help to simplify that process. Whether you want to keep track of payroll, make doing your taxes a lot easier, keep track of your company’s success, or help your employees communicate better, there are services here for everyone.

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