5 Reasons You Should Be Away With Cloud

Whether you opted to move to the cloud voluntarily or you were forced to work up in the sky because your service providers went that way, it makes sense. That’s the bottom line here. Businesses the world over have benefited from joining the cloud, no matter what niche they operate or in what sector said niche is in.

For those that remain in the dark on this subject, utilising the cloud is more than just saving yourself space on your computers; it is about improving the way you run your business. From law firms using Legal Imaging LLC to increase the mobility they operate with to pop-up restaurants better managing their cash flow, the cloud makes life that much more efficient.

Computer Cloud

Of course, taking our word is hardly going to convince anyone, which is why you should keep reading on and find out just how the cloud could improve the way you run your business:

  1. Money Matters

This will always be the most attractive proposition put forward by the cloud. Essentially, all you need is a decent internet connection and, voila, you can do away with all that money-draining in-house support you have been forking out for, and all that clunky hardware taking up your floor space. The knock-on effect will be savings made on energy bills and a tidy amount saved in your IT budget.

  1. Perfect Productivity

If productivity is all about achieving more in less time, then the cloud has nailed it because what it allows is people to access information from their mobile devices, meaning they can work a) on the move and b) remotely. We’re not just talking about a little boost of productivity here; we’re talking about an increase in 400%. We’re talking about saving 90 minutes of working hours per day for each person. That’s mega.

  1. Celebrate Collaboration

Since the birth of the cloud, collaboration software has burst onto the scene like fireworks above a capital city on old year’s night. This boost in collaboration means initiatives can be implemented at a much faster rate, while employees can make better use of their time, producing higher quality work despite the fact they may be based globally.

  1. Snazzy Security

Whether you are a law firm handling sensitive data or a digital learning service that handles third-party information, the topic of security is an especially high one. That is what makes the cloud so attractive. No, it is not perfect. But, it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most secure data storage options out there.

  1. Added Accountability

As any business owner/manager/leader (delete accordingly) will tell you, the matter of accountability is a big one, not just to see who has contributed what, but also to see where praise is due, which is how morale is kept high. That is what the cloud achieves. It allows you to manage more than one project at one time with an audit trail of which individuals did what. It is the Trello effect, so to speak.

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