Sudden Disability: A Risk For All Who Work At Home

Just because you don’t work in an environment that isn’t overly risky, such as on an oil rig or in a mine, doesn’t mean that sudden disability isn’t a risk to you. 1-in-4 adults currently working are expected to have a disability by the time they’re 63 years old. This means that we all have to prepare for the risks and do what we can to mitigate them.

Disability for Work at Home

Risk even in the home

Accidents and injuries happen every single day in all kinds of places. This can include slips, trips, and falls in your own home. We also have to consider the disabilities that happen due to chronic illness, such as musculoskeletal pain, obesity, and other long-term dangers. Identifying and overcoming the health risks when working from home is essential. This includes investing in your health with a good diet, regular activity, and finding breaks from the sedentary lifestyle that is often a risk of remote working careers.

Invest in your security

Many of us are one bad day from financial ruin. A sudden huge bill could suddenly plunge us into debt that we could spend years trying to find our way back out of. To avoid that, we need to invest in the protections that can provide us with a little security. This includes vital insurance plans such as health insurance and long-term disability insurance. However, claims can take time to process and, in the meantime, we have immediate costs to deal with, such as hospital bills and the costs of living. Spend time building an emergency fund that should be able to cover your entire budget for 3-5 months

Getting what you deserve isn’t always easy

If you are injured in a way that’s not your fault, such as the result of someone else’s bad driving, then you have to be ready to fight for your rights with the right legal assistance. However, you also have to consider that you may need to hire a lawyer in disputes with your own insurance providers. While they are there to help you, insurers exist to make a profit, and sometimes this has led to spurious denials of legitimate claims. If you are rendered disabled and need the coverage you have been paying for, be prepared for the potential of a denial and know there are options to help you win what you deserve.

A new way of life

The risks to your health and the potential financial and legal distress aren’t the only concerns you have to consider. Sudden disability is a huge change, one that can see your independence limited in areas, while requiring you to adapt to a new way of living. Seeking therapy to deal with the stress, anger, and depression of such a change is recommended.

It’s not a pleasant possibility to think about but ignoring the dangers of sudden disability won’t make them go away. Consider what protection you have in place, as well as the risks you come face to face with every day.

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