How To Make Your Grand Opening A Royal Success

In a couple of weeks’ time, you want to unveil your brand to the world. Rather than set up online, you’ve taken the option to open a physical store. Peers might see it as a bad move yet you know stores still outnumber eCommerce sites by a large margin sales-wise. And, you can see their popularity in the future thanks to advancements in technology.

How To Make Your Grand Opening A Royal Success

Regardless of the idea and the brand as a whole, the opening has to go without a hitch. This is when people will make judgments and you want it to be a positive one. With that in mind, here’s how to make it a smash hit.

Focus On Health & Safety

They are three words which haunt entrepreneurs because of the stress and hassle they cause. Still, the health and safety industry is there to help employees and guests stay safe in the workplace, and everyone deserves that right. Because there can’t be any slip-ups on the night, it’s only right to think about trips and falls first. One banana skin and you’ll have to hire an injury lawyer to limit the damage. Putting up wet floor signs and adequate signage is one way to stop guests from hurting themselves, as is rolling out the red carpet for friction.

Spread The Word

Before you can think about the guests’ safety, there have to be people at the opening. Shockingly, they won’t randomly come up upon the event and walk in. For anybody of note to attend, they’re going to have to know in advance. Invitations are the first port of call as they target the guests with power and reputation, and their standing rubs off on the brand. Next is marketing. Put up fliers, pay for advertising online, and let the local community know they’re welcome to watch. Finally, inform the press. Always write down the address.

Speak To The City

The city officials can grant you a license depending on the type of event. Even a small gathering might not be gravy if the noise is too loud. Local authorities have residents to think of also. As a rule, it’s wise to talk to them about your plans whether you think their advice is necessary or not. The last thing a grand opening needs is a geek in a suit shutting it down. Think about the impact it will have on the brand. People will talk, but not positively.

Don’t Go Over Budget

A party is nice but it’s expensive. The last thing an SME can afford is a huge bill, not when it’s expanded into bricks and mortar. Keeping tabs on the budget is essential, and so is having one in the first place. According to the experts, it should be about 20% of the first year’s marketing spend. If that’s too much, try and set aside as much as possible without going overboard. Where possible, cut back on the things which are pretty yet not important.

Above all, a grand opening takes lots of preparation and hard work.

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