Recruitment 101: Traits Employers Need From Employees

Businesses rely on the people they hire to do their dirty work. There’s nothing sneaky or devious about it because workers understand their role. They need to be productive and follow the rules to help make the company money. However, certain personalities will make life difficult. It’s not that they’re bad at the job but that they like to cause trouble. Others just lack the work ethic or common sense to succeed. In short, recruitment is tough because it’s tricky to look past the words on the page.

Recruitment 101: Traits Employers Need From Employees

What employers need to do is view the person as a whole and the qualities they bring to the team. Here are four which are non-negotiable.

Not Clumsy

This might sound like it’s neither here nor there yet clumsy people tend to get into dangerous situations. One day they are driving along and get in a crash and call after the accident to tell you they won’t be at work. Another they could slip and fall and break a bone. Staff members that do this all of the time cost the business money. After all, you’re paying them and they aren’t working due to their clumsiness. What’s worse is they make the workplace a hazardous place for other people, and that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Career Driven

Drive and passion are tricky traits to balance. No one wants a subordinate who causes trouble as they try to reach the top of the tree. Conversely, employees should have focus and be able to complete tasks efficiently and to a high standard. People that don’t do the latter tend to be lazy and are, frankly, a waste of space. Also, driven applicants usually understand the process. Although they will jump ship eventually, for now, they’ll be happy to watch and learn everything they can to succeed in the future.


Teamwork is a buzzword in modern business. Bosses want to know their staff can work with peers and colleagues for the betterment of the firm. However, the emphasis on working in a team can take away from a person’s ability to complete tasks alone. A person who can’t problem solve is going to add to your workload or the workload of a manager. Some things need signing off from a superior, but there are plenty of things which don’t fall under that umbrella. For example, workers shouldn’t need a break down of their daily tasks. Instead, they should finish one and move onto the next.

Team Players

And not just in the sense that they will get along with the rest of the office. Businesses need people who will help the company by working overtime or retraining. Now, you can’t force anyone to do anything which isn’t covered in their contract, yet you can tell who will take one for the team. Of course, the extra money helps but cash isn’t as big of a motivator as it was in the past. The people with ambition are the ones that will answer the call.

What do you look for in an applicant?

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