You Can Sell Online Without Having to Create Your Own Website!

You Can Sell Online Without Having to Create Your Own Website!

Online sales are becoming an increasingly popular means of making money. The world of E-commerce is bustling and there are so many benefits that come hand in hand with operating online rather than running a brick and mortar store. You can make sales around the clock (as the web doesn’t have opening and closing times), you can reach out to an international audience (by simply adding the option of international shipping to your items), and you can generally offer goods at a low cost (as you don’t have as many expenses and overheads as more traditional business models).However, setting up a website of your own can be relatively daunting andcostly, especially if you don’t understand CSSand HTML code yourself and have to call in the help of aprofessional website designer. The good news is that you don’t even have to setup your own site to sell online nowadays! Here are just a few differentplatforms that you can use instead!

Sell Online


Amazon is a profoundly successful E-commerce site and has even taken some big name stores off the high street due to its success and prevalence in the marketplace. The good news? You can sell on Amazon, gaining access to the hundreds of thousands of users who browse it forgoods on a day to day basis. Learn how to open an amazon seller account and getup and running as soon as possible.


Another popular online sales site is eBay. Now, eBay is a sales site with a difference – the majority of items placed on it are sold through an auction-style format, where buyers can bid on goods without a set price. But not to worry. If you have a particular figure in mind, you can always set a reserve, or you can even sell at fixed “buy it now” prices.


If you’re selling items that are likely to appeal to a younger and more hip audience, you might want to try Depop out. Depop is a sales app that melds together the visual and social aspects of Instagram with a sales feature that allows people to purchase whatever you are posting pictures of.  Payments are made throughPaypal and fees are automatically deducted, which takes a lot of hard work outof your hands and also ensures that payments are extremely secure. Create aprofile to start building up a following today!


If you have a Facebook profile, you might want to check out the marketplace. This is a feature that allows you to advertise and sell goods to people who are in close vicinity to you – they canpick items up and pay cash as they do so.

These are just a few different sales platforms that you might want to engage with if you have goods to sell but don’t want todeal with the hassle of setting up your own website. Each is cheap, accessible,and highly effective when it comes to generating profit!

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