Money A Little Tight This Month? Here Are Some Suggestions!

Money A Little Tight This Month? Here Are Some Suggestions!

Often the beginning of the year is always going to be a struggle for people when it comes to their finances. Some people still have credit card balances from Christmas, some people might not be earning as much because sales targets are not being met. There are many reasons for it, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still get by. Sometimes changing a few habits or trying new things can help you save money and enable you to still get those bills paid on time. Here are some suggestions if your money is a little tight this month.

No spend weeks or months

This may sound a little strange, but there is logic to it. Having a week or a month where you ban yourself from spending money can really help boost your disposable income. We have bills to pay, fact, but what there will also be times where you buy that take out coffee, where you can’t resist an item of clothing that is in the sale, or you pick up a newspaper or a magazine. No spend weeks or months means that you don’t spend other than what is necessary to survive such as food and bills. Try it out and see how you get on, you might be surprised by how much you save.

Cutting back on the bills you control

There are bills that are in your control, and one of the obvious ones is the food bill. While you may not be able to reduce the direct debits for energy or your mortgage or rent, you can reduce what you spend on food by making a few simple changes. Meal planning is the obvious one, as it enables you to write a list and only buy what you need rather than duplicating items or falling for so-called bargains. But, you could also consider things like batch cooking. Often buying ingredients in bulk saves you in the long run. Lastly, even changing the place you shop could see you spending less on everyday items just because of the brand or location of the store. It is worth thinking about.

Emergency funds and knowing your options

It is worth remembering that there may be a time where you are stuck for money and you have a huge expense that lands on your doorstep. Your car needs fixing, an appliance needs replacing, and this is when having back up plans can come in handy. Websites like could help you in your time of need. Budgeting properly, and maying these things back means that you always have something in the background for those just in case moments.

Using your spare time wisely

Finally, many of us will have spare time that we could utilise better. Evenings where we watch TV or a spare hour on the weekend. Why not put it to good use? List items on eBay for things you no longer want or need. Fill out online surveys to earn a little extra. Or even think about your own business and start building something from home that could prove to help you in the long term. There is always something that you can be doing to help boost your income in some way.

Let’s hope these tips help you to survive those strapped for cash months.

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