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Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Enjoy Life To The Fullest

ForestAddy, owner of the blog Enjoy Life to the Fullest is celebrating  her 2nd year anniversary in the blogosphere. On that note, a contest is currently being held as a way of saying Thank You to those people who’s been a part of  her blogging  

Won Grand Prize in a Contest!

Won Grand Prize in a Contest!

If you are a frequent visitor here, you might have seen my entry to BlankPixel’s Make A Wish blog contest this May. If you haven’t read it yet and need some inspiration in life, you will find it HERE. I was down with the flu 

Make A Wish Blog Contest

Make A Wish Blog Contest

This is my second time to join an online contest and I’m excited because it’s from a fellow blogger (BlankPixel) from the Philippines.

The contest is all about what your ultimate wish is. I could think of so many wishes but mostly material things. That would not be considered as ultimate, I guess, for me. I don’t have to brainstorm about what would be my entry, simply because, I only have one ultimate wish to make. So I hope you’ll watch out for it.

Going back to the contest.. The mechanics are simple and easy to do.. If you’re interested to join, you can check it out HERE.

It started just last April 24th and will end on May 15th. So you’ve got at least 2 more weeks if you wanna join. Prices includes cash (in dollars,of course) and advertising credits. You must have a Paypal account coz that’s where the cash prize can be easily and safely transferred. You need an Entrecard account coz that’s where the advertising credits will go.

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up HERE. Open a Premier or Business account for FREE.

If you are not a member of Entrecard yet, you can check it HERE. Entrecard is a credit based advertising site which you can join for FREE.

I can say that this is one big contest you mustn’t miss! Just check the long list of SPONSORS below…Don’t forget, you only have 2 more weeks to submit your entries..Good luck!

Join the Make a Wish Blog Contest over at Just Another Pixel.
Click here or on the banner above for the complete mechanics and prizes.

We would like to thank the following generous sponsors:
Please take the time to visit them.

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